10 good reasons to visit Marrakech

After packing your bags, take a plane to Marrakech. All of modern Morocco’s resources are concentrated in The Pearl of the South. In fact, its thoroughly traditional medina provides guests with a peaceful hideaway where they may seek refuge by opening the cozy riad doors. Marrakech, which is near the sea and mountains, will fulfill the needs of luxury, sports, well-being, and ecotourism enthusiasts. It goes without saying that, just as you had always envisioned, you will return from your journey completely enthralled with eastern culture. Here are 10 excellent reasons to travel to Marrakech, a city replete with history, delicious food, and ancient stones.

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1. Its closeness

It takes somewhat less than three hours to get from the cities of Europe to the promised change in scenery. The aircraft depart from Europe’s main cities multiple times daily, providing the most tranquil means of transportation to far-off places for the elderly, people who can’t remain long, families with small children, and those who are afraid of flying. After you get in Marrakech, you will discover that the city is well-served and that exploring the region won’t be difficult.

2. A cordial greeting and hospitality

Language barriers won’t be an issue because Marrakechians speak French, English, and Spanish fluently among other international languages. Traveling should still be enjoyable, and you shouldn’t have to do extraordinary effort to be understood. You will find it easy to converse with the locals, since they take great pride in their hospitality. Merchants will be pleased to give you a mint tea once you’ve done some shopping. If the conversation is going well, you will also be touched by Moroccans’ boundless generosity and compassion because it is normal to be invited to a meal in order to continue this cordial relationship.

3. a perfect place

Marrakech is a city in southern Morocco that is bounded by the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert, and the Atlantic Ocean. To put it another way, selecting diverse landscapes is a luxury that lets you spend your vacation exactly how you want it. Divers may enjoy water sports including windsurfing, jet skiing, surfing, and scuba diving in the ocean. What about endless stretches of immaculate sandy beaches? Children play on the sand for entire days, lovers may enjoy a private sunset, and walkers can stroll for kilometers along the waterfront. The desert is ideal for moonlit bivouacs and adventures in 4 x 4, motocross, horseback riding, or dromedary riding. Regarding the mountains, this relief offers the perfect setting for hiking, rafting, climbing, and a variety of experiences on mountain bikes or all-terrain vehicles. In addition, during the winter, skiers seeking unique experiences escape the Alps’ tourist crowds to venture down the Atlas Mountains’ slopes before indulging in Marrakech’s sweetness.

4. Stunning weather

Due to its Mediterranean environment, the Pearl of the South offers visitors mild winter temperatures, averaging about 18 °. Summertime temperatures typically hover around 30 °C, however they occasionally reach 40 °C. You do not need to travel to the other side of the globe if your morale is low. Yes, Marrakech is the perfect place to go in mid-December if you need a sun cure. The royal city will enliven you with its warmth and myriad summer and winter activities, even if you just want to unwind for the weekend.

5. Mouthwatering regional cuisine

You have the chance to treat your taste buds to delectable delicacies that seamlessly combine cultures and flavors during your stay to Marrakech. So, sun-kissed fruits and vegetables complement the meat nicely. Next, indulge in the renowned Asian pastries served with a sweet tea infused with mint. Tanjia marrakchia, lemon chicken tajine, almond pigeon pastilla, and lamb tajine with apricots are just a few of the delectable delicacies that will leave you speechless throughout your trip. Moroccan food embodies the cultural variety of Arab, Berber, European, and African peoples via its distinctive flavor. The flavorful, traditional meals with a kick have made Moroccan food a global favorite.

6. A location that is affordable for all budgets

Marrakech is inexpensive. In terms of lodging, transportation, food, and entertainment, the cost of living is half that of Europe. Travelers who are saved can indulge in their desires. The most fortunate visitors may also indulge in their most extravagant fantasies since the upscale dining establishments, exceptional riads, and shopping excursions at the renowned Mamounia Palace are all necessary to experience the life of a Moroccan royalty.

7. The opulent Moroccan culture

Marrakech offers a wonderful blend of African, Berber, and Arab traditions. The Marrakechi would gladly offer you a guided tour and love teaching you about their customs. There’s no better way to discover the real history of the imperial city than via the eyewitness accounts of its devoted citizens. Having been founded in 1062, the Pearl of the South welcomes travelers who are eager to learn about its historic sites and monuments. The medina is surrounded by fortifications that house many riads and old buildings with traditional architecture, the Jewish district known as the mellah, and the Agdal gardens, which you will find while happily getting lost in the maze-like maze of alleyways. You will be enthralled by the hectic atmosphere created by snake charmers, singers, craftspeople, henna tattoo artists, and visitors in awe of the location as soon as you arrive at the massive Jemaa el-Fna plaza. Marvels worthy of the most exquisite Arabian Nights stories include the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadian Tombs, the Bahia Palace, the superb Madrassah of Ben Youssef, the oldest university in the world, Al Karaouine, and the luscious gardens of Majorelle, El Harti, and Menara.

8. Magnificent Customary Marketplaces (souqs)

Taking a stroll around Marrakech’s souks is the ideal way to fully experience Moroccan culture. Savor the aromas and hues of the regional goods, take in the joy that permeates the booths, and be in awe of everything created by Moroccan artisans who continue to labor in the same manner as their forefathers. Especially characteristic is the Bab El Khemis souk, which is situated at one of the city’s gateways. The artisans arrange their belongings on the floor and interrogate you, relishing in the pleasures of haggling. You will also have a unique shopping experience at the souk El Kheir, although Marrakech is full of souks, boutiques, and workshops of all types that conceal priceless Moroccan gems.

9- Amusement

In Marrakech, partygoers are unlikely to become bored. You may spend restless evenings dancing to the intense beats of international DJs at one of the numerous well-known discotheques. Along with private gatherings held in the opulent villas of the palm grove or the elegant riads of the medina, bars, theaters, casinos, and entertainment add excitement to your festivities. Marrakech is also the location of renowned events, such the Marrakech renowned Film Festival, which draws celebrities from all over the world.

10. A city that promotes wellbeing

Moroccans are experts at maintaining their beauty. The many spas in Marrakech provide sumptuous massages after a hammam for body and mind relaxation. The surrounding area has a beautiful natural setting that provides traditional healing methods whose advantages have been known for ages. Therefore, elements like argan, olive, and fig of barbarism are all beneficial to your health.