Some Information to Have Before Relocating to Pittsburgh

Are you considering relocating to Pittsburgh? You’re part of a unique breed. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, Pittsburgh is the only one of the country’s 30 major metropolitan areas that was judged to have less inhabitants on July 1, 2015, than were tallied during the official 2010 census, according to a March 2016 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story. Translation? Pittsburgh is a fantastic location to live, but it’s not expanding. View our list of the top 15 things to know about Pittsburgh before relocating there.

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1. Pittsburgh is now in style.

Okay, so Pittsburgh’s population hasn’t increased significantly since 2010, but news reports describing the city as a “hot” location to reside have increased significantly. The reasonably priced metropolis has been likened to Brooklyn, New York, and Portland, Oregon.

2. Driving in Pittsburgh takes some getting accustomed to.

Pittsburgh is essentially a car-oriented metropolis. It will please you to have an automobile if you can afford one. Just be ready for the narrow, twisted roads and bridges. Additionally, you’ll need to become acclimated to driving throughout the city’s winter months.

3. In Pittsburgh, your Uber may be automated.

Uber uses Pittsburgh as a test site for its autonomous vehicles. After relocating to Pittsburgh, you can realize your lifelong dream of riding in an autonomous vehicle. However, not all Pittsburghers are in favor of autonomous vehicles being used on public roads.

4. It’s a beer town.

Pittsburgh is a beer city. Many citizens claim Yuengling as their city’s beer, yet the birthplace of Yuengling is in Pottsville, PA. However, Pittsburgh also has an abundance of craft beer. Pittsburgh Brewing Co. and Church Brew Works are two well-known breweries in the city.

5. Living in Pittsburgh is reasonably priced.

The cost of living in Pittsburgh is on the low side. Pittsburgh could be the perfect place for you to relocate if you’re tired of the exorbitant cost of living in some of the other major metro regions in the nation. The top 10 financial advisory companies in Pittsburgh can help you decide how to invest the money you save if you decide to make the move.

6. Yinz

A priceless bit of Pittsburgh lingo is “Yinz.” Like y’all, it is a second-person plural. When you first relocate to Pittsburgh, it could sound a little strange to you, but we’re sure you’ll get used to it quickly.

7. Pittsburgh is a city of bridges.

Pittsburgh has numerous lovely bridges spanning its rivers and ravines. The bridges make for great sites for checking out the skyline or watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. They also give Pittsburgh the moniker “City of Bridges.”

8. Pittsburgh boasts top-notch museums.

Andrew Carnegie’s enormous influence in the city is reflected in the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. It’s worthwhile to visit the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Carnegie Museum of Art.

9. Winters in Pittsburgh may be brutal.

Pittsburgh experiences snowy, chilly winters. January’s low is about 21 degrees, making for hazardous driving conditions. Keeping a winter survival pack in your car is a smart idea.

10. Allegheny Cemetery is worth a visit.

Pittsburgh offers a big garden cemetery with some lovely mausoleums. Even if you don’t often go inside for cemetery tours, it’s still worth a visit. At hundreds of acres, Allegheny Cemetery is among the nation’s oldest rural cemetery. It’s possible to spot deer munching on the grass.

11. Pittsburgh boasts a funicular.

If you’ve never experienced a funicular trip, coming to Pittsburgh is the ideal chance to do so. It’s a bit touristic, yes, but it will lead you to a neighborhood with amazing vistas and a glimpse into Pittsburgh’s past.

12. The sports fans in Pittsburgh are fierce.

Sports are big business to Pittsburgh sports lovers. Residents of the city are very proud and enthusiastic, whether they are rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, or Pittsburgh Penguins.

13. Fallingwater is not distant from you.

Granted, Fallingwater is not in Pittsburgh, but it’s still close enough to visit for a day trip from the city. One of the most recognizable architectural designs in the nation may be seen when one visits the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed residence. After relocating to Pittsburgh, we assume that any guests you host will want to see Fallingwater as well.

In summary

Pittsburgh was referred to as “A City Transformed” in a 2015 Pittsburgh Magazine story. Why not relocate to Pittsburgh if you want to see or participate in that transition before it is finished? Despite having a cheap cost of living, the city provides a lot of advantages.