The Jewelry Retailer Was Robbed With 20 Tola Gold

The two minor nephews have been skilled by their uncle for 15 days to hold out the plan.

A criticism was registered at the Cottonpet police station by the proprietor of a jewelry store. He told the police that his nephew, who was carrying the jewellery home, was robbed by a bike duo. From the time the gold was dropped at the store to the time it was packed, everything was recorded. He made sure that the nephews’ act of leaving the shop and carrying the bag was recorded.


The Cottonpet police solved the case of the robbery. Police discovered that he was going to sell the gold and claim insurance. The name made on the day of the criticism was discovered by police. When the technical approach did not work, they became suspicious and tracked the telephone calls made by the man and his household.

After Raids On Haryana Congress, Luxury Vehicles, Jewellery, And Cash Have Been Seized

The report excessive rupee gold prices, which negatively impacted affordability and shopper sentiment, had been one of many contributing elements to the decline in jewellery demand. There was a short but notable impact on gold demand because crystal elements rhinestones of the ban of 2,000 notes through the quarter. Compared to the same period in the earlier 12 months, gold recycling saw a sharp enhance in Q, with a outstanding 61% improve.

After Raids On Haryana Congress, Luxury Automobiles, Jewelry, And Cash Were Seized

The increase in recycling was more than likely because of consumers cashing in on the excessive gold prices. According to the World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends report, India’s gold demand faced a downturn within the second quarter of 2023. The gold consumption for the quarter was down in comparison with the identical period in the previous 12 months.

As instructed, the nephews carrying the bag reached the deliberate spot on the flyover and called Raju. They hid the bag with the gold in the boot house of the scooter. The police got a clue after he called an unknown person. The robbery will be staged on the Sirsi Circle flyover where there are not any cameras. He made sure that the entire scene of packing the jewelry in the evening was captured by the cameras.

One of the nephews got here out of the station and took the bag with the gold into another car. When he arrived at the location, he and some others acted as in the event that they have been in search of the robbers throughout. They contacted the police together with the bike and filed a complaint.