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SONG, “Death of Nelson.” GLEE. SONG, “Old Father Murphy,” by Mr. LEVY.

Altogether the performance was decidedly profitable. The “Minstrels” maintain a second leisure this evening, with a whole change of programme, when, doubtless, they’ll obtain the in depth patronage their capability entitles them to. The Company is really worthy of encouragement. The good folks of Deloraine could have a possibility of listening to these actually intelligent artistes on Saturday night subsequent, and we heartily commend them to their patronage.

DANCING, which is taken into account so essential to the acquirement of a turning into demeanour.- Terms, per Week, 2s. Each; and the Days of Attendance are appointed for Tuesdays and Thursdays, at five o’Clock in the Afternoon.

All the opposite alternatives have been likewise of first-class character, and gave an additional zest to the competition . The above band will carry out the following programme of music within the Domain, at 4 o’clock, this afternoon. The programme will comprise a model new galop written expressly for the Military and Civil Races, to return off on Saturday subsequent. Overture – “Il Barbiere,” Rossini; 2, Lancers – “Somebody’s Luggage,” Coote; 3, Selection – “Under the Holly,” Fischer [sic]; four.

outstanding member of St. David’s Church, Burnside, and for the past fifteen years had been a member of the choir, missing only five companies in that point. Mr. L. C. E. Gee, of the Mines Department, is a brother. One of these very pleasing and profitable entertainments was given within the Domain final night time by the sumptuous band of the 50th (Queen’s Own) Regiment,

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the entrance page being embellished by an image of the regimental colors of the Adelaide Rifle Regiment. The song is printed by Mr. W. H. Hillier, of Rundle-street. They intend giving instructions on this metropolis, or in the country, in the identical system, embracing LANGUAGES.

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corroborating her father’s evidence as far as regarded the time she was with him; subsequent day he had a minimize face, and no money. We regret to state that the spouse of one Isabella MELODIA of our oldest musicians, Mr. John Gabb, was stricken with paralysis on Saturday night . John Friend, John Gabb; William McCann. Phillip O’Neil, Alexander Webster, John Peters, Thomas Robinson,

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They commenced at half-past eight at night time and finished at half-past five in the morning. The party who engaged Mr. Gard, the band would net put any faith in, they had been often taken in. The band played to the programme of the parties. Mrs. Reeves had been asked for the £5 by Mr. Gard in witnesses presence. Mrs. Reeves stated she had obtained £4 for the band. Mr. Gard would have taken it, however Mrs. Reeves wished to have 9s for refreshments provided to the band, which Mr. Gard refused.

FIRST-CLASS BAND ENGAGED FOR THE OCCASION. Dancing at Eight o’clock, – Supper at Twelve. The impact of the concert was somewhat injured by the absence of Mr. Lee, from illness, however Mrs. Jupp kindly launched two additional songs, which in part provided the deficiency. In “Auld Robin Gray” she was particularly successful.

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Rangoni, Manager, Cornet-a-pistons; Angelo Lagomarsino, Basso; Francesco Volpi, Clarinetto; Giacinto Gagliardi, Flauto; Giovanni Abba, Trombone; Allessandro Belloni, Basso; and Giovanni Grenno, Casa. Elsasser] will preside at the piano . Gabb’s musical performances continued to be reported in the Geelong press, over almost forty years, into the early Eighteen Nineties.

TUESDAY Night, the thirtieth immediate. The Buckingham Family’s most efficient and full band might be in attendance. Dancing to start at eight o’clock, p.m. Double Tickets, 7s 6d; single ditto 5s., which could be obtained at the Hotel.